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3 Dee Vision and Europe

Nolimp logoThe 3 Dee Vision project is part of a wider European project called NOLIMP-WFD (North Sea Regional and Local Implementation of the Water Framework Directive). The project is a collaborative one, involving regions of six countries all bordering the North Sea:

  • Aberdeenshire in Scotland
  • Västra Götaland in Sweden
  • Nordjylland in Denmark
  • Weser-Ems in Germany
  • Norway as represented by the Norwegian Institute for Water Research (NIVA)
  • the Province of Fryslân in the Netherlands – the lead partner.

The overall aim of the NOLIMP project is to show in a practical way how the Water Framework Directive can be implemented, regarding procedural, management and practical aspects. The concrete aim is to achieve environmental improvements in the pilot water systems of the participating regions.

NOLIMP has a strong transnational element in that collaborating countries share best practise information relating to all aspects of the project. Partners regularly meet to discuss their own projects, ranging from progress with implementation of the WFD in their own country to methods used to tackle specific water quality issues in their own pilot catchments and the success of various methods of stakeholder involvement. To complement this information sharing, the Norwegian partner has launched the website which provides information about the WFD and its implementation on a regional and local level.

The project will last until 2006. It has a budget of € 8.45 million and receives 50% of it’s funding from the European Regional Development Fund under the North Sea Region Interreg IIIB programme.

NOLIMP Project Partners Map
NOLIMP-WFD Project Partners Map. View larger image »








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