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Schools and Education

In addition to the programme of environmental improvements, a key feature of the 3 Dee Vision project is to engage with local communities to help promote an appreciation of our local environment and raise awareness of the pressures on it. To help achieve this aim, the project is offering support to Deeside schools and Rangers services in the form of an extensive education resource box called the Dee Riverbank. The Riverbank will assist in raising early awareness of the importance of conservation of the environment, the interaction of living things and sustainable use of the earth’s resources.

3 Dee Vision is keen to offer other forms of support to local schools and youth groups and encourages their active involvement. For example, together with the Scottish Natural Heritage school grounds grant, 3 Dee Vision was able to support Tarland School in their production of a mural of the River Dee. If your school or youth group thinks it may benefit from support with an environmental initiative, please contact the project.

Public participation itself is an important component of the Water Framework Directive and must be included during the production of River Basin Management Plans. This means that stakeholders, including the general public, must be informed of and consulted on decisions regarding the management of the environment. It is hoped that this will improve the quality of decisions and will lead to a higher social acceptance of environmental management plans, facilitating their implementation in the longer term.

The 3 Dee Vision Project is part of the NOLIMP Water Framework Directive Project and is funded by the European Interreg IIIB North Sea Programme.
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