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How Can You Get Involved?

We can all do something to improve the quality of water in our rivers. The easiest of all is to conserve water by not leaving taps running unnecessarily or by ensuring that we are careful what we put down the drain.

Whether you are a householder, farmer, own your own business or belong to a community group there will be something you can do locally to help manage and protect our water environment.

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The 3 Dee Vision Project has established a Public Awareness and Involvement Group to help engage with the community and stakeholders in each of the 3 sub-catchment areas where the 3 Dee Vision project is involved in activity.

To find out more about these activities follow the links below:

Activities being undertaken by the Public Awareness and Involvement Group

Activities in the Elrick Catchment

Activities in the Davan Catchment

Activities in the Tarland Catchment.

The 3 Dee Vision Project is part of the NOLIMP Water Framework Directive Project and is funded by the European Interreg IIIB North Sea Programme.
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