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3 Dee Vision - a partnership project working to improve the environment of the River Dee.

The 3 Dee Vision Project is concentrating on the catchments of Loch Davan, the Tarland Burn, and the Elrick Burn to pilot the implementation of the Water Framework Directive and further improve the quality of the River Dee. Through engagement with the local community, the project also hopes to raise awareness of the river environment and encourage good environmental practise amongst those living and working in Deeside.

The 3 Dee Vision Project is part of the NOLIMP Water Framework Directive Project and is funded by the European Interreg IIIB North Sea Programme.
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The 3 Dee Vision Project is part of a wider European initiative aimed at sharing best practise information concerning water quality management and stakeholder involvement, with other North Sea countries. The project is part funded by the European Community’s Interreg IIIB North Sea Programme and will run until 2006.



Watering - beforeAn onsite demonstration day was held recently in the Loch Davan catchment for regional agency staff to meet with farmers and contractors to discuss the works carried out via the 3Dee Vision project in the area.



Watering - afterThese works have included the installation of 27 cattle waterings so far, to allow livestock to drink from burns without the need to step into the channel. The waterings help to protect against bank erosion and reduce silt and manure run-off into the burn. It is hoped that these measures will help to improve the water quality and in-stream habitat of the burns in the catchment, which flow into Loch Davan.

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