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Elrick Burn Catchment
Table of Project Deliverables

Objective Estimated Target Date Status
Establish Elrick-sub catchment working group Early 2004 Complete
Establish a programme of monitoring for the Elrick catchment Spring 2004 Routine SEPA monitoring ongoing
Undertake a chemical and ecological survey of the Elrick Burn Summer 2004 Routine SEPA monitoring ongoing
Arrange for site testing of the proposed wetland site to establish size and storage capacity requirements of the wetland April 2004 Complete
Negotiate, design and establish a wetland to improve the water quality of the Elrick Burn Start Summer 2004 - establish by mid 2005 Ongoing
Look into mechanisms for funding future maintenance of the Wetland and establish a maintenance programme Early 2005  
Undertake a survey of the drainage network within the Elrick catchment to identify extent of cross connections Winter 2004/5 Ongoing
Undertake survey of the Industrial Estate and its contribution to the pollution of the Elrick Burn Summer/Autumn 2005  
Use wetland as a case study for future SUDS manual