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Pictures of the Elrick Burn Catchment

Further pictures of the Elrick Catchment and progress with the planned SUDS wetland will be added to the site as they become available. If you have taken a picture in the area which you would like to add to the website, please e-mail it to with your own contact details, stating where and when it was taken.

Elrick Burn Elrick Burn and Westhill Industrial Estate.
Elrick Burn Elrick Burn – classified as ‘seriously polluted’.
Elrick Burn Elrick Burn and the site of the future wetland.
Drainage consultants R&B Drainage consultants investigate the Westhill surface water sewerage system, to locate the areas contaminated by domestic sewage.
pathway through Arnhall Moss Picture from Arnhall Moss - courtesy of George Morrison.
Arnhall Moss fingi Picture from Arnhall Moss - courtesy of George Morrison.