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How can you / your Community Group Get Involved?

Many of Scotland’s villages, cities and towns were built next to rivers and burns. They have been important sources of local water for household use, transportation links and to help provide irrigation for crops and drinking water for farm animals.

Many businesses and industries have developed as a result of local water supply; a good example is the whisky industry that relies on pure clear water for the production of the “dram”.

  • How important is the local river and its tributaries to your community?
  • Is it as important today as it has been in the past?
  • What can your community do to help protect and improve your local river or burn?.

Some local projects within the River Dee Catchment include:-

Tarland Community Wetland - The Tarland Development Group are currently developing a community wetland in the village of Tarland that will be used as an educational resource for local schools.

River Mural - the children of Tarland Primary School have painted a mural depicting the ‘River Dee – Source to Sea’ in the grounds of their school.

Arnhall Moss – The Arnhall Moss Management Group are improving the Local Nature Reserve at Arnhall Moss. To date they have installed a number of Interpretive Boards explaining how the Moss developed and the associated wildlife.

For some ideas as to what you can do within your local community please visit the websites listed below

WWF Scotland Wild Rivers Information

North East Scotland Local Biodiversity Action Plan

UK Rivers Network

Greenspaces Scotland.

If you are interested in becoming involved in a specific area of the 3 Dee Vision project, contact us via the contacts page or leave a message on the message board.

Tarland Community Wetland
Tarland Community Wetland - construction of the community wetland at Viewfield, Tarland
Tarland River Mural
River Mural - children of Tarland School working on the Dee mural
Arnhall Moss Management Group
Arnhall Moss - Arnhall Moss Group launch their interpretative sign, December 2004