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Public Awareness and Involvement Group – Table of Project Deliverables

The 3 Dee Vision Project has established a Public Awareness and Involvement Group to assist the project’s engagement with the community and stakeholders. The table below shows the group’s stated objectives.

Objective Estimated Target Date Status
Establish Public Awareness and Involvement working group September 2003 Completed
Assist working groups with methods of community engagement, consultation and monitoring Ongoing Ongoing
Compile a public involvement checklist to be used by all the sub groups of the project Spring 2004 Completed
Establish a Rivers Education Box for the River Dee April 2004 Completed
Organise a Riverbank training and familiarisation event for teachers and rangers Summer 2004 Completed
Organise the roll out of the use of the ‘Riverbank’ across the Dee catchment Autumn 2004 Completed
Roll out further nine Riverbanks Summer 2005 Completed
Organise a further Riverbank training event after roll out of total 15 Riverbanks Summer 2005  
Consider potential for schools competition via Riverbanks Autumn 2005  
Investigate demand for Rangers Riverbank Summer 2005  
Develop a local 3 Dee Vision Website and populate with relevant data and information Establish Spring 2005 Ongoing
Produce project promotional leaflet Summer 2004 Completed
Produce programme of promotional materials to be delivered by project (including final report) Ongoing Ongoing
Produce Tarland update newsletter Winter 2004/5 Completed
3 Dee Vision leaflets and newsletters
The 3 Dee Vision project produces leaflets and newsletters to inform local communities of the project and keep them updated on progress.