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Getting Involved – Suggestions for Farmers

In today’s highly competitive world, protecting the environment is far from the first thing on every farmers mind. However, farmers are becoming more aware of the diffuse pollution issues in Scotland and now accept that not following good environmental practice can cost the business money. In light of the Water Framework Directive and under the new CAP reform, this is now more important than ever.

Although farmers generally follow good agricultural practice, accidents can happen and small unseen losses, for example of fertiliser and slurry via soil run-off, can collectively have a significant impact on nearby watercourses. Uncontrolled rainwater run-off can lead to erosion around the farm, which in turn means increased maintenance costs.

By following recommended guidelines you may be able to save money whilst protecting the environment. Under the new CAP reform, compliance with the Good Agricultural and Environmental Conditions will contribute to your Single Farm Payment. You may also decide that joining the Rural Stewardship Scheme would be worthwhile. This is an agri-environment scheme to encourage the adoption of environmentally-friendly farming practises - where in exchange for receiving payments, you will manage specified areas of land in an agreed way. For livestock farmers, the 4 Point Plan has now been drawn up in a new, easy to follow booklet, providing guidance on how to minimise pollution whilst benefiting the business (worth two points under the RSS scheme).

Select this link for information(word document) on how the Water Framework Directive will affect farmers.

Below you will find links to leaflets and websites giving guidance on good environmental practise. The first links in particular should also provide advice which makes good business sense and could save you money.

  • The 4 Point Plan – Guidance for livestock farmers to minimise pollution and benefit your business

Guidance leaflets for farmers

  • Rainfall Questionnaire for farmers - a simple questionnaire, tracing the path rainwater takes across your farm and ensuring that it stays clean before running into the burns that drain your land
  • Riparian Management – how to improve the wildlife value of watercourses draining your land. We apologise that this link is currently unavailable but should be added soon. For a copy of the leaflet please e-mail
  • Pond Design – how to enhance the wildlife value of a new pond
Pasture and forestry near Morven
Pasture and forestry near Morven