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Water Abstraction

Water is abstracted from the Dee for a number of purposes. Among other uses, it is abstracted for treatment and production of drinking water for Aberdeenshire and Aberdeen City, for industrial processes and for irrigation and cattle watering.

The quality of a water body is related to the quantity of water within it. Over abstraction can impact on the quality of the habitat, especially during periods of drought. It is therefore necessary to balance the societal (public health and farming) need for water abstraction against the need to ensure that the quality of the environment is maintained.

The Water Framework Directive will require that water is not over abstracted to the extent that it severely impacts on the ecological status of the water body. Through the forthcoming controlled activities regulations, SEPA will be afforded more powers to regulate abstraction so as to ensure that the water body is protected. Select this link for more information.

Select this link to see water abstraction locations across Deeside.

Falls of Muick
Much of Scotland's surface water is of excellent quality and can be used for drinking water, rather than sinking boreholes to reach ground water.