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Tarland Burn Catchment -
Table of Project Deliverables

Objective Estimated Target Date Status
Tarland WwTP wetland
Award wetland design contract November 2004 Complete
Hold on-site technical & ecological consultations December 2004 Complete
Approve final wetland design March 2005 Ongoing
Complete wetland construction August 2005 Complete
Erect bird hide and information boards Spring 2006  
Biodiversity Enhancement
Create buffer zones in following locations:
Western tributary of Small Burn (Alastrean Wood) Spring 2003 Complete
Eastern tributary of Small Burn below B9119 (Milton of Culsh) 2003 Complete
Eastern tributary of Small Burn between East Town and Petts (above B9119) – east bank 2003 Complete
Eastern tributary of Small Burn as above – west bank Winter 2004/05 Complete
Small Burn, downstream of Coull Road Summer 2005 Complete
Upper Alt-na-Vackie (fencing) Autumn 2005 Complete
Upper Alt-na-Vackie (tree planting and water supplies) Spring 2006  
Lower Alt-na-Vackie (fencing, tree planting and water supplies) Spring 2006  
Create small buffering wetlands in following locations:
Upper Stoneyford Burn below Tillychardoch Autumn 2005 Complete
Flood Alleviation
Gather topographical data to feed into flood modelling and design of wetlands for storage October 2004 Complete
Mill of Gellan demonstration flood storage wetland
Design wetland and conduct consultation November 2004 Complete
Obtain approvals January 2005 Complete
Award tender for construction January 2005 Complete
Complete construction March 2005 Complete
Conduct modelling of Tarland/Dee confluence and design flood alleviation scheme at Aboyne Draft Nov 2004
Appraisal Dec 2004
Draft Complete
Show GIS visualisation of potential flood storage areas to local residents / public February 2005 Complete
Scheme design of larger flood storage areas between Tarland & Aboyne (South Gellan; further sites to be finalised) Summer 2005 Complete
Prepare Scoping Report for Initial Assessment of Environmental & Ecological Impact of flood storage areas February 2006 Complete
Initial assessment of Environmental & Socio-economic impact of flood storage areas Autumn/Winter 2006  

Preparation of detailed design of full flood prevention scheme including application for planning permissions and full EIA.

Community Wetland at Viewfield (Tarland Development Group)
Complete landscaping, prepare ground for paths, install pipes and weir and connect to stormwater overflow Autumn 2004 Complete
Complete paths and fencing and safety devices Winter 2004/05 Complete
Consult with SNH re. information board Summer 2005  
Community Engagement
Hold Tarland local community launch and WwTP consultation March 2004 Complete
Produce 3 Dee Vision update newsletter February 2005 Complete
Hold community evening for project update with launch of Tarland School ‘Dee Source to Sea’ mural February 2005 Complete
Other works
Conduct survey of lower Tarland catchment (Coull to Aboyne) to assess environmental quality and identify pressures January 2005 Complete