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The involvement of communities and interested parties in Tarland

Through the 3 Dee Vision Project, a range of interested groups have been either consulted with and/or become involved with the work in the catchment. For example, we have:

  • Worked with local farmers and the MacRobert estate to install ‘buffer strips’ and ‘wetlands’ aimed at improving water quality and providing greater habitat in streams
  • Worked with local farmers, councillors and land owners to identify the scope of river management problems and identify potential sites for storage of flood waters
  • Consulted with Aboyne community on issues regarding flooding
  • Consulted with Tarland community on issues relating to the design of the waste water treatment plant and broader issues of catchment management
  • Consulted stakeholders and designed a demonstration sustainable flood storage area
  • Worked with the Tarland Development Group to establish a wetland in the village
  • Commissioned a local artist to work with Tarland school children to produce a river mural
  • Worked with the local salmon interests (Dee Salmon Fishery Board and the Dess and Aboyne Water Group).
Tarland school children and mural
The children of Tarland School launch their River Dee mural at the 3 Dee Vision community evening at the school.