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3 Dee Vision Sub-catchments

The 3 Dee Vision project is focusing on three sub-catchments of the River Dee:

  • Tarland Burn
  • Loch Davan
  • Elrick Burn.

Tarland Burn: an existing catchment initiative is being extended to address land management and development pressures which are impacting on habitat and water quality. The focus is on agriculture, wastewater treatment and flood management.

Loch Davan: eutrophication, due to forestry and agricultural activities and inputs from roosting geese, is threatening the nature conservation interest of the loch. Measures are being taken to help stem silt run-off and associated eutrophication.

Elrick Burn: a peri-urban catchment on the outskirts of Aberdeen, the burn is seriously polluted due to run-off from housing and industrial estates. Sewerage cross-connections are being investigated and a SUDS wetland created.

In each of these tributaries a series of measures aimed at improving aquatic and riparian environments through use of best practice is being implemented and monitored for their efficacy in amelioration.

Community engagement is a key element of the project. Through various community events, newsletters, and involvement with schools we aim to promote an appreciation of the water environment, raise awareness of the pressures on the River Dee and encourage ownership of actions to relieve those pressures. Select this link to find out more about what you can do.

Illustration of the Dee Sub-catchment area
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