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Davan Catchment Aims And Objectives

The main aims of the 3 Dee Vision project in the Davan sub-catchment are:

  • To stem the process of eutrophication and siltation of Loch Davan
  • To improve the biodiversity and water quality of the Logie Burn.

These aims will be achieved through the following objectives:

  • The identification of sources of nutrient and sediment input from agricultural, forested and upland areas within the sub-catchment
  • The identification of areas where the loss or deterioration of habitat has occurred through inappropriate management
  • An assessment of naturally occurring nutrient inputs, i.e., the seasonal flux of nutrient input from roosting geese
  • A review of all existing and new discharge consents.

Using data gathered from the above exercises:

  • The production and implementation of a programme of remedial management works to reduce diffuse and point source pollution.
Waterfall Burn o' Vat
The 3 Dee Vision project hopes to implement a programme of works to reduce sediment and nutrient inputs to Loch Davan.