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Davan sub-catchment
Table of 3 Dee Vision Deliverables

Objective Estimated Target Date Status
Produce draft scoping study based on Loch Davan Catchment Management Plan (Aug 2003) February 2004 Complete
Establish working group February 2004 Complete
Appoint environmental advisor for farming and forestry activities February 2004 Complete
Establish monitoring regime and baseline data for Davan Summer 2004 Complete
Establish team to undertake farm water audit March 2004 Complete
Establish process to approach farmers April 2004 Complete
Produce Rainfall Questionnaire – farming Autumn 2004 Complete
Produce Rainfall Questionnaire – forestry Spring 2005  
Identify areas for improvement and remediationmeasures Ongoing Ongoing
Action areas for improvement and remediation measures Ongoing  
Review of Logie Coldstone STW – assess impact and investigate improvement works Spring 2005  
Septic tanks – awareness raising Summer 2005  
Investigate possibility of farm demonstration sites Ongoing  
Hold open day / farms walks Autumn 2005  
Assess educational value of project End of project - 2006  
Identify gaps in existing grant schemes and inform relevant bodies End of project - 2006