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This page is no longer updated. The Macaulay Land Use Research Institute joined forces with SCRI joined forces on 1 April 2011 to create The James Hutton Institute. Please visit the James Hutton Institute website.

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National Initiatives

Enhancing the Water Environment National Initiatives

Follow the links below for environmental information on the websites of national and international organisations.

Scottish Executive logo

Scottish Executive For information about the European Water Framework Directive (WFD) and various other water and environment directives and related guidelines.

World Wildlife Fund logo

World Wildlife Fund (WWF) For information about how Scotland is fairing in relation to water conservation and the implementation of the Water Framework Directive compared with other European Countries.

Scottish Environment Protection Agency logo

Scottish Environment Protection Agency (SEPA) For information on the requirements of the Water Framework Directive and progress with implementation in Scotland.

Scotland and Northern Ireland Forum for Environmental Research logo

SNIFFER (Scotland and Northern Ireland Forum for Environmental Research) For information on environmental research on behalf of the Scottish Environment Protection Agency, Environment and Heritage Service, the Scottish Executive, Scottish Natural Heritage and the Forestry Commission.

Cairngorms National Park Authority logo

Cairngorms National Park Authority For information on Scotland's newest and largest National Park and how it is working to project the natural environment.

UK Rivers Network logo

UK Rivers Network For information on water related projects in the UK and how you can get involved.